Satoshi – An Oxford Dictionary has a new word added

The Oxford Dictionary added during the last database update word Satoshi to his records.

This word, which was first used before the seven years. It is derived from the name Satoshi Nakamoto a pseudonymous creator of the Bitcoin.

The oxford dictionary defines the word Satoshi as following:

“A satoshi is the smallest monetary unit in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and is named after Satoshi Nakamoto, the—probably pseudonymous—developer(s) of Bitcoin.”

The Oxford Dictionary

One Satoshi is currently the smallest unit of the Bitcoin currency which can be recorded on the Blockchain. The value of one Satoshi is one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin. In the numbers, the one Satoshi has value 0,00000001 BTC.


The word Bitcoin is listed in the Oxford Dictionary as well and its meaning is expressed as follows:

“Bitcoin is a system of electronic money, used for buying and selling online and without the need for a central bank.”

The Oxford Dictionary

It means that the cryptocurrencies are slowly penetrating to the routine life of peoples. In a few years, there will be normal to see the words which are currently used by crypto enthusiast on the billboards, in the television ads, etc.. And the price of the cryptocurrencies will also change with this mass adoption, guess in which direction 🙂

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