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The crypto wallet has own card – COINBASE CARD

If you have cryptocurrencies in your crypto wallet, you cannot use them to purchase the goods in the shop or withdraw them from ATM. And the Coinbase brings the revolutionary solution!

They created their VISA CARD with which you can pay for the goods in the shops or withdrawn money from the ATMs. You can spend funds from your cryptocurrency wallets available on Coinbase without any needs to change the cryptocurrency to your fiat currency before. So the times when you were finding before the purchase how much is 0.01 BTC to USD or 0.01 BTC to EUR are history! With the Coinbase card you just enjoying the shopping.

The main advantage is, that you can use the Coinbase Card as your bank card: to pay contactless, or witch chip, or to withdraw money from the ATM. The amount of the purchase or withdrawal is automatically converted to your local currency and there are no extra steps needed from your side.

Coinbase also offers the security services for the card like the two-factor authentification, or possibility to block the lost card. The card is linked with your Coinbase app and you just have to choose which cryptocurrency will be used during the payments. Check this article to see which currencies the Coinbase offers.

All transaction details are displayed in the app, so you can review your transaction´s history everywhere and every time.

Coinbase Card price

You can order your Coinbase card for the one-time fee £4.95 / 4.95 €. Everything you need to do is download the Coinbase app and follow the steps to order the card.

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Coinbase Card fees

Regarding the fees, the withdrawals in the domestic ATMs up to 200€/£ per month are free of charge. Every withdrawal of money over the monthly 200€/£ limit is charged by 1% fee.

For the foreign withdrawals is the limit same: 200€/£ per month is free and everything over 200€/£ is charged with 2% fee.

For the purchases with the Coinbase card are the fees following: for the domestic purchases is the fee 0.2% of the transaction amount and 3% for the transaction made in foreign.

The 2.49% additional fee charged is the “crypto liquidity fee,” which is charged every time you make a transaction.

The supported countries

Regarding the availability of the Coinbase card, the supported countries are following: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Cyprus.

Of course, the Coinbase plans in the future increase the list of the supported countries.

Is Coinbase worth of use?

Maybe you were reading, for example, the Coinbase Reddit reviews where you found information that the Coinbase is not the best crypto wallet, or you found other Coinbase alternatives.  But now, with the Coinbase card, you probably won’t find any better crypto wallet

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